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It takes a whole lot of amazing people to make the humble cup of coffee – not just a barista. Read about the teams who make our business tick, from Support Centres to FMCG experts.


Crafters of coffee

Baristas, Team Leaders, Store Managers: they’re out there every day, crafting cups of joy.

Do you love it when a plan comes together? We do. As an Area Manager, you’ll be masterminding success across your geographic region, leading Store Managers to achieve a healthy balance sheet and a happy team.

Upholding standards. Training new starters. Showing the team how it’s done. As a Barista Maestro (or Team Leader), you’ll be someone to look up to, spreading your love of great coffee to everyone in your store. 

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Our Baristas craft incredible coffee, pouring their heart into every cup. Great brews are their passion (and they love to show their creative flair through a spot of latte art). If that sounds like you – and you enjoy being part of a team – take a look at our vacancies or pop into your local store.

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When you’re in charge of a store, you can really make an impact. Part of the team on the shop floor, you keep standards sky-high. Customers love your exacting attitude and team members learn from your example. You watch the figures, plan store strategy and put it into action. 

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