Simon Locke -

Global Technology Director

Join us in getting to know Simon our Global Technology Director responsible for our enterprise services a little better.
What’s your name and current role?
My name is Simon Locke and I am the Global Technology Director – Enterprise Services at Costa Coffee. I am responsible for the definition and implementation of a technology strategy across our Enterprise technologies.

How long have you been with Costa Coffee?
I have been with Costa since December 2022

What you’re favourite Costa Drink? 
I like to keep it simple with a Black Americano

As a child what was your dream job?
As a child, my dream job was to be an airline pilot. Aviation fascinated me as a child, though it seemed an impossible dream at the time, which is probably why I didn’t pursue it.

What attracted you to Costa?
Having worked in technology across financial services, law and retail, I found retail the most fulfilling. Costa is a strong, beloved brand, and it’s easy to see how I can make a real difference. It’s also an exciting time of growth for Costa. During my interview, I quickly realized how passionate people are about our products and customers.

What is one thing that surprised you about working for Costa?  
One thing that surprised me about Costa is the scale and complexity of the business. It’s easy to see Costa as just coffee shops with lots of machines, but combine that with our ready-to-drink products, at-home and ‘Proud to Serve’ ranges, plus our international presence, and it’s truly an incredible operation. The high-tech Roastery was also impressive.

What advice would you give your younger self?
My advice to my younger self would be: have confidence in yourself, don’t limit yourself, take risks, and meet as many people as possible. You never know where the next opportunity will come from.

What skills outside of work do you think help you in work?
Skills I have outside of work, like team sports, feed into my work. Things like teamwork, leadership, continuous learning, and coaching are useful in both areas of my life.

What part of Costa’s ambition to inspire the world to love great coffee excites you the most?
I am most excited about the opportunity to help Costa Coffee continue to grow and reach more people around the world with technology as a key enabler. As part of Coca-Cola, the opportunities for Costa are endless.
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