Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want to be considered for opportunities at this time. How can my information be removed from the database? How can I delete my application?

If it isn’t quite the right time for you to join Costa, log-in via " Applicant Log-In" using your e-mail address and password. Next to your application there’ll be an option to ‘Withdraw’. (If you withdraw your application and then change your mind, you can still log into your account, but you’ll then have to search and apply for a new role.)

The system won’t let me apply online and/or upload my CV. Or the webpage isn’t loading properly/keeps directing me back to the application screen. What’s that all about?

Sorry about that. We might be doing some tinkering behind the scenes, but if you’re still having trouble later please send us an email to: costa.recruitment@costacoffee.com

I have forgotten my log-in details, what can I do?

If a Flat White doesn’t jog your memory, just click ‘Don’t know your password?’ at the login page and follow the instructions.

My e-mail address has changed, what should I do?

Log-in using your old e-mail address and under change details you can provide your new one. Just remember this also updates your username.

Can I apply from my mobile?

We want you to be able to bring your own blend of skill, knowledge and magic to Costa, so you can apply when and where it suits you best.

Can Costa sponsor my UK working visa?

Unfortunately Costa cannot sponsor your UK working visa. As we continue to expand across the world there may be new chances to work closer to your home.

What age do I need to be to work for Costa?

Costa is a place where you and your career can grow. Employees must be of the minimum school leaving age to work for Costa* (this specific age may vary depending on which country you are in). *Some types of store need you to be 18 before you can work in them, so just be sure to ask.

I plan to move to the UK soon. Can I apply from overseas for vacancies in the UK?

Providing you have the right to work in the UK and can supply all the official documents, you can apply from overseas. Each case will be treated individually and you may be required to attend an interview in the UK. If you’re flexible the opportunities are endless.

If I am an internal candidate, do I still have to apply online?

To keep things as simple as possible, all applications should be made online.

I am an Agency Worker/ Contractor (Contingency Worker), can I apply for internal vacancies?

We’re delighted you want to join Costa, please apply online through this site.

I’ve worked for Costa before. How should I apply to re-join?

We are excited that you want to come back! Please apply on this site.

I have just finished school/college and don’t have any work experience. Can I still apply?

One of the things that makes Costa special is that we all have our own personalities, so show us yours. Costa is dedicated to developing people, so any new skills you might need will be included in your training.

I have applied before and was unsuccessful. Can I re-apply?

As you’d expect, we get a high-volume of applications for every role, so as much as we’d like to, we can’t hire everyone! If you have found another role you’d love, please apply.

I have a disability that prevents me from being able to search and apply for positions on-line. Who can I contact you for assistance?

We are delighted you want a taste of Costa, please e-mail our team at Costa.Recruitment@costacoffee.com so that we can help you with your application process.

Is every vacancy shown on the website?

Yes they are.

How often do new vacancies come available?

We have more than 3000 stores in over 30 countries, so you can expect new opportunities to pop up regularly.

Can I find out any more about a vacancy that is advertised?

There will be general information about the role on our website, and if your application is progressed, you will be given more specific information about that role.

While viewing the job listings, I saw a position that would be perfect for one of my friends. Can I send the job to him/her?

Yes, please share vacancies with your friends and colleagues. Just click on the job, scroll to the bottom and click ‘refer a friend’.

Can you tell me if a job has been filled?

You will be provided with information relevant to your specific application, if you are unsuccessful then we will give you feedback.

Does Costa offer a graduate scheme/programme?

Our graduates are given real responsibility and accountability. Graduate programmes are offered at various times of the year and are available in different parts of the business. 

Will I have the opportunity to work in a different country?

Costa continues to expand across the world with opportunities in over 30 countries. If international is where you want to be then Costa can try to helpget you there

I have a criminal record – will this stop me working for Costa?

We are committed to creating a great place to work for all of our people this means giving everyone equal opportunities, in fact we actively work with some charities to support the employment of ex-offenders. At Costa we value being genuine so please be open and honest during your application.

Is Costa an Equal Opportunity Employer?

We are committed to creating a great place to work for all of our people. To us, this goes beyond creating an inclusive culture where everyone is treated fairly and judged solely on personal merit. Of course that’s important, but we see diversity in our business as an opportunity too. 

How long does the process take, from application to appointment?

Timeframes vary depending on the role, but we endeavour to fill roles as quickly as possible.

How do I apply for a vacancy?

Once you’ve found a job you’re interested in, just follow the instructions for applying online.

Can I create a general application/profile?

Sorry, you can’t create a general application, but by setting up a job alert we can keep you up-to-date with new vacancies.

Do you accept speculative applications and CVs?

Sorry, we are unable to accept speculative applications or CVs, but by setting up a job alert we can keep you up-to-date.

Where do I send my CV?

Once you’ve found a job you’re interested in, just follow the instructions for applying online. When applying it will give you the option to upload a CV and any other supporting documents.

I don’t have a CV, is one required?

No, you don’t need a CV to apply for a role with Costa. We do, however, ask for a lot of the information you would normally put in a CV. Perhaps you should grab a coffee and draft one?

Can I attach a supporting letter to my application?

Of course. We want to give you the best possible chance of succeeding with your application.

I don’t have an e-mail address. Is one required?

Yes, your e-mail address acts as your username at log-in. We also communicate using the e-mail address you supply.

I don’t have the requested two referees – can I still apply?

You can apply, but if your application is progressed you will need to provide two referees. Don’t worry though, there will be someone in your life you can ask, if this is your first job, perhaps think about asking your teachers, lecturers or tutors.

If I’m not successful, can I apply for the same vacancy again?

Sorry you weren’t successful, but we are delighted you still want to work for Costa. You can’t apply for exactly the same role again, but there are plenty of other opportunities that may interest you.

Do I have to apply online, or can I apply by telephone or paper application?

To keep things as simple as possible, all applications should be made online. If you have a disability which prevents you from completing the online application process, please e-mail Costa.Recruitment@costacoffee.com

How many jobs can I apply for?

There is no limit, but remember one quality application is better than two rushed.

How many stores can I apply to?

You can apply for a team member (Barista) role in any number of sites.

Can I check the status of my application?

Yes, just log back into your application and this will tell you the current status.

I am a recruiting agency and would like to submit a candidate for your consideration. Can I do this? If so, how do I go about it?

Please ask the candidate to apply directly. We want them to show us their personality. If there is a specific job you want to send them, just click on the job and share using ‘refer a friend’.

How long do I have to wait to hear about my application? I have applied and received an acknowledgement, but heard nothing after that, what should I do?

Sorry you haven’t heard back yet, but you should have a follow up communication within 14 days. Remember to check your Junk Mail folders.

Do I receive any feedback if I am not successful?

Sorry you were unsuccessful. You will be given feedback throughout your application and if you attend an interview full feedback will be provided to enable to you assess your own opportunities. Hopefully you can use this information and apply for a new role.

How will you contact me regarding my application?

We will contact you using the e-mail address which you provided at the beginning of your application.

I’ve booked an interview online, but haven’t received a confirmation, or heard anything back. What should I do?

Remember to check your Junk Mail to ensure it has not ended up there. Nothing there? Please contact the recruiter.

I want to contact the recruiter directly, how do I do this?

Once your application is progressed your recruiter will provide you with a means of contacting them.

I have been invited to book an interview online, but there are no available slots showing, what should I do?

Please contact your recruiter directly.

I can’t make the interview time I agreed to / I have to cancel the interview / I have missed my interview, what should I do?

If you will not be able to attend your interview or you wish to reschedule the booking please contact your recruiter directly.

My details seem to be incorrect, can I change them?

You can update your profile and personal details at any time by logging-in via the ‘Applicant Log-In’ button on this site. Then use ‘Update Profile’ to make changes to your details.

I haven’t had any feedback since my interview, who should I contact/ what should I do?

You should receive feedback from your interview within 14 days. If you still haven’t heard anything after that point please contact your recruiter directly.